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Am I Eligible?

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Housing, Safety, & Community Well-Being

The Housing, Safety, & Community Well-Being focus area works to co-create with the community through engagement and outreach, as well as offers a collection of services to provide immediate and long-term assistance to members of our community experiencing crisis such as domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking, homelessness, and financial instability. Community support, education and in-home services are provided for children and families to prevent entry into the child welfare system.

Services Include:

Emergency Shelters and Support for Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Sexual Exploitation & Trafficking

Community Engagement

Concealed Emergency Shelters for Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Sexual Exploitation, & Trafficking

Family & Youth Success, and Prevention

Homeless Diversion and Prevention

Permanent Supportive Housing

Rapid Rehousing

Housing Support Services

Counseling & Prevention

The Counseling & Prevention focus area offers services that share a central focus on therapeutic treatments to help manage chronic mental health illnesses, provide early intervention services, and work to prevent problems with substance use and problem gambling before they occur. These services also include therapeutic education for children, K-12, providing support today for a brighter future.

Heartland Family Service provides services based on clients’ ability to pay.

Services Include:

Community-Based Behavioral Health

Mental Health Crisis Response & Stabilization

Outpatient Behavioral Health Treatment

Outreach and Prevention

Residential Co-Occurring Mental Health & Substance Use Treatment

Therapeutic Education for Children Living with Mental Illness