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Client Rights


Heartland Family Service is dedicated to the idea that clients and other members of the community should have the opportunity to alert the agency to needs or problems in the community that they feel should be addressed. We also strongly believe that clients and other community members should have the opportunity to voice complaints regarding agency operation or staff. Upon request, a copy of our client grievance procedure will be made available.

If you have a suggestion or a complaint, we encourage you to speak directly to a staff person, or you may request a complaint form and return it to:

Attn: Quality Improvement Department Heartland Family Service
2101 South 42nd Street
Omaha, NE, 68105
Phone: (402) 553-3000.

We will make every effort to address your concerns in prompt manner.

HFS Client Rights Brochure

HIPAA Privacy Notice

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Information & Client Rights

What if I Need to Cancel or Postpone an Appointment?

Clients who need to cancel or postpone an appointment agree to do so at least 24 hours in advance, so other clients may have a chance to use your cancelled time. Individual services have specialized regulations that may prohibit your return to the agency if cancellations occur, so be sure to talk to your staff person about no-shows and cancellations.

Because of the value of face-to-face contact, we encourage you to make an extra appointment(s) if necessary, rather than use the phone as a substitute.


Fee Information

Specific services of the agency receive funding from United Way of the Midlands and/or from public grants, private donations and gifts. Unfortunately, these funds do not fully meet the cost of providing services to the community. Therefore, it is also necessary for the agency to ask clients to pay a fee for certain services they receive. Each service has its own criteria for client fees; you may be eligible for a sliding scale based on your family size and household income. Please do not hesitate to speak to staff regarding your particular situation.

Clients with insurance benefits agree to use their insurance to pay for services. Clients who choose not to use their insurance will be responsible for full payment. Clients who don’t have insurance or are not using insurance will be given a Good Faith Estimate for services. When possible, we will prepare and send insurance forms and request that payment be made directly to Heartland Family Service (HFS). It is important to remember, however, that you are responsible for the cost of your services, not your insurance company. If between you and your insurance company you have paid more than the maximum fee, the overpayment will be refunded to you or applied to other accounts you owe to Heartland Family Service, as appropriate. Heartland Family Service may utilize all available means to collect fees.

Payment for service is due at the time of service. We accept cash, personal checks, money orders or MasterCard/VISA as payment. If you are unable to pay your account when due, contact us and we can work together on a payment plan. Regular payment is critical to our ability to keep costs down and maintain a high quality of service.


Trauma Informed Agency

Heartland Family Service strives to create an agency and service environment that is safe for everyone: clients, family members, guests and employees. Clients and employees agree to refrain from harassing or threatening others or engaging in any form of physical, psychological, or sexual abuse. At HFS behavior management techniques are intended to maintain a safe, constructive, and therapeutic environment where everyone contributes to a climate of safety. HFS seeks to provide the necessary supports and resources to minimize the use of restrictive behavior management interventions. Employees agree to offer support and provide help to clients to manage their own behavior and provide safety from harm. Employees agree to utilize de-escalation practices, along with other permitted behavior management techniques as outlined in the Behavior Support and Management Policy. In services where minor clients may present with physically aggressive behavior, employees agree to be trained in the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) Model, which teaches prevention, de-escalation, and if necessary, the safest possible methods of physical intervention to protect the client and others in the environment from harm, to include safe methods of escorting clients involuntarily.


Client Rights

  1. Each client has the right to expect honor and respect at all times and under all circumstances, and to also expect courteous and equal consideration from all with whom they come in contact.
  2. The client shall be free from physical and mental harassment or abuse.
  3. Each client has the right to unlimited freedom of movement except as may be absolutely necessary to protect the client and others from harm.
  4. Each client is to be treated with consideration, respect, and full recognition of their dignity and individuality.
  5. Each client has the right to an individualized plan of service designed to meet their specific needs. Each client is expected to provide the essential information needed for the services provided.
  6. Each client has the right to be actively involved in the development of their service or treatment plan. Each client has the right to participate in service decisions, be informed about all the services provided to them, and to have questions answered in terms they can understand.
  7. Each client has the right to confidentiality of information about themselves and the services received, within the limits of the law and the confidentiality policies of Heartland Family Service. Clients will be informed of mandatory exceptions to confidentiality.
  8. Each client has the right to review and share their agency record as outlined in the policy and procedures of Heartland Family Service.
  9. Each client has the right to be counseled in private and in an environment that is equipped and maintained to protect health and safety.
  10. Heartland Family Service is a non-sectarian agency. Each client shall have the freedom to express and practice spiritual beliefs of their own choosing.
  11. Each client has the right to have their complaints and problems heard and responded to. Clients have the right to request an internal review of the services they receive.
  12. Each client has the right of voluntary disclosure, and if asked, may decline to have their photograph or story used for descriptive, promotional or fund-raising purposes, without concern for reprisal.
  13. Each client will be asked to give consent for their own services or for the services of a minor child.
  14. With a few exceptions, the client has the right to refuse or withdraw from services at anytime, and is free from involuntary (forced) services, as well as transfer or discharge without due cause. If applicable, clients are informed of potential consequences of refusing service.
  15. Each client has the right to examine the result of the most recent survey of Heartland Family Service conducted by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services or the Iowa Department of Public Health.
  16. Licensed or credentialed professionals in the agency are regulated by Boards of Professional Licensure in their respective states. Clients have the right to contact these Boards and contact information will be provided on request.
  17. Each client has the right to exercise their rights as a client of Heartland Family Service.
  18. Each client has the right to receive a copy of the Behavior Support and Management policy, which will be provided upon request.
  19. Heartland Family Service will provide services to anyone regardless of race, color, sex or sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age, or physical disability. Persons who believe they have beendiscriminated against may file a complaint with the Heartland Family Service President and CEO, 2101 So. 42nd St., Omaha, NE 68105.


What is Heartland Family Service?

Welcome to Heartland Family Service, a human service agency dedicated to strengthening individuals and families in our community through education, counseling, and support services. We’re happy you have placed your trust in us. Heartland Family Service is accredited (approved) by Social Current, which means you may rest assured that the services you receive are reviewed regularly and will be of consistent high quality. The agency is a member of United Way of the Midlands, which assists us in providing a variety of services, most on a sliding fee scale. As a member of Social Current, we have the expertise and assistance of nearly 450 similar agencies in the United States and Canada.


How Qualified is the Staff?

Heartland Family Service staff are committed to offering high-quality services that fit the needs of families and individuals. All HFS staff have a broad base of training. Our professional therapists hold a master- or doctorate-level degree in social work, psychology, or other related counseling fields, or are certified in
their specialties.


Am I Eligible?

The primary eligibility is your need for services. Persons residing in the agency’s service area (metro Omaha area and southwest Iowa) are eligible for our services without regard to race, color, religion, sex, handicap, national origin, or age. Certain services within the agency may have specific eligibility criteria, so please speak with a staff person if you have questions.


What if My Child Needs Services?

We are a family agency and strive to involve parents appropriately in our services to children. To obtain the most effective services, HFS always encourages families to come in for services together. Our policy requires that, in most cases, parents or legal guardians of minors will consent for their child to receive services. However, there are times when it is necessary to assist a minor in serious distress or at high risk of harm without parental consent for issues involving family violence, substance use, sexual assault, etc., until we are able to identify the nature of the problem and how our staff might help. Otherwise, parent or legal guardians agree to sign a
Consent to Treatment Form prior to their minor receiving services including counseling or shelter.


Heartland Family Service is dedicated to the belief that clients and other members of the community should have the opportunity to alert the agency to needs or problems in the community that they feel should be addressed. Heartland Family Service also strongly believes that clients and other community members should have the opportunity to voice complaints regarding agency operation or staff. Upon request, a copy of our client grievance procedure will be made available to you.

If you have a suggestion or a complaint, we encourage you to speak directly to a Heartland Family Service staff person.

You may also call the Grievance Line: (402) 552-7453

We will make every effort to address your concerns in a timely manner.


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Hours of operation vary by services and location, and are posted at each facility. They can also be found, along with additional information, by visiting our locations page.