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Client Progress

Between 2016 and 2019, Heartland Family Service conducted a study to find out how much its clients’ lives improved over time. Heartland Family Service’s staff collected surveys from more than 1000 clients who were currently receiving services and reached out to those clients every six months as the clients progressed through and eventually moved on from services. Clients showed significant improvements over time in outcomes related to safety, self-sufficiency, and well-being.
After receiving services from Heartland Family Service, clients reported stronger, safer personal relationships; improved financial, housing, and food security; better emotional health, and more satisfaction with their lives.
Heartland Family Service’s philosophy of trauma-informed care helped clients achieve these positive outcomes regardless of their past histories of trauma. Furthermore, in interviews conducted at the final follow-up, clients described their experiences with Heartland Family Service in overwhelmingly positive terms, including one client who said “My whole life has gotten better.”