Give your support today. So everyone can.

At Heartland Family Service, we help many people walk many paths. But our network of services, programs, advocacy and support share a common goal: breaking cycles of barriers. 

So everyone can.


Can what?
Can anything.

The question isn’t answered by us.

We’re here to open up a world of opportunity for each person we serve. It’s their statement to finish, we just provide the resources and guidance to complete it.

Help us create a community of opportunity.

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The “So Everyone Can” Call for Artists submissions have closed!
We are excited to share in the coming weeks an introduction to our selected artists and the locations where you’ll be able to see their So Everyone Can art. When viewing the pieces, you’ll be invited to envision you own interpretation of how a world without obstacles could look.


Keep an eye on this page as well as our social media accounts for more details coming soon!


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Savannah can.


For Savannah, “can” meant overcoming mental health challenges to graduate school and find independence.


Liz can.


For Liz and her family, “can” meant staying together in the face of adversity and getting their daughter back home safely.


Jim Can.


For Jim, “can” meant learning the skills to maintain control over his disabilities and to establish a healthy, safe home of his own.


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Our clients come to us with a need, and we guide them in addressing it.

Our services fall under three, trauma-informed categories:

Each program under these categories builds a stable foundation for those we serve so they can push past obstacles and find success, whatever that may mean to them.

Many of these obstacles are not self-imposed.
They are a failing of our system.

That’s why, in addition to resolving barriers in people’s lives, we work to eliminate the cause for good.

To increase the effectiveness of Heartland Family Service, ensure our future sustainability and support the systemic changes needed to truly meet our mission, our Advocacy Taskforce proactively and strategically educates government decision-makers. The Taskforce makes sure they hear and understand the needs of the people and communities we serve, and that they support our efforts to make positive, lasting change.

While Heartland Family Service aims for this community of opportunity, using it to guide our plans and actions, we know that there will always be someone in need, and those needs are always evolving.

Our work, both on the individual and systemic level, is never done.

That’s why we are inviting our entire community to share this vision — because a world where everyone can needs everyone’s unflinching support. Our client base is not lacking. Our staff is skilled and ready. Now, you can help us expand possibilities.

Pledge your support today.
So everyone can.