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Joe Can

Joe* was referred to Heartland Family Service’s Integrated Health Home (IHH) during the summer.  At the time, he was struggling with diagnoses such as bipolar disorder, a psychotic disorder and a delusional disorder.  His mental health was in terrible shape.

After deciding he was determined to get on a right track in life and start rebuilding relationships, Joe was ready to move into a 24-hour habilitation home.

Following five intakes with different providers, a placement was found and Joe was approved for one in the Council Bluffs area.

 Once he became comfortable in his new arrangement, Joe was prepared to look for employment in the community and carve out a better life for himself.

Since Joe initially came to IHH, he has not had any mental health hospitalizations and has not faced any trouble with the law.  Joe now takes medications as they are prescribed, attends all appointments and works well in the community he calls home. Joe also now goes on outings with his friends and family, utilizes support systems that are available and speaks to his care coordinator at least one a month.

 Joe is proud of the fact he has the support he needs to be successful.


* To protect our client’s rights, the client has been de-identified in this story. The photo is not a picture of our client

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