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Cindy Can

Cindy has spent her entire life suffering from depression. She went undiagnosed until 2017 and says she coped somewhat until she couldn’t anymore.

She was thrown out of several homes in a short time and found herself living on the streets with nowhere to go.
Cindy thought about suicide and tried to kill herself. When that didn’t work, she took herself to the ER at a local hospital where she was diagnosed with Chronic Severe Depression.

Her life changed from there.

She was introduced to a Peer Support Specialist from Heartland Family Service. She says he helped her fill out forms for assistance and got her a bed at local shelters upon her release from the hospital.

When her time at the shelters was coming to an end, she got a call from HFS telling her there was a service that was perfect for her. He got her an interview with the head of the Heartland Bridges service. Heartland Bridges offers transitional living and crisis care. From there, she was able to interview with the Region on Mental Health, which secured funding for her to participate in Heartland Bridges. During the next three months she did her part.  She attended all groups and meetings and filled out applications for General Assistance.  Before she left Heartland Bridges, she was offered an apartment.

Cindy has had some setbacks on her road of life, but each time she’s come back stronger than before. This is due in large part to her participation at the Peer Center.  They’ve given her the help, support, and encouragement she needed.  She says she would not be able to do the things she’s now doing without their help.

Cindy appreciates Heartland Family Service for everything it has done and says the Peer Center will always be a part of her life.

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