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We Need Your Support!

Much of the support we have received has gone to specific areas of need, for example we provided assistance to the families of the Yale Park Apartments. The community turned to us as leaders in this area, and we hope you are as pleased as we are that the funding we received for this effort has been fully utilized to help these families secure safe and stable housing.

In addition, due to the generosity of a national funder, we will be able to make a significant, positive impact in the area of family homelessness. In that good news, we ask you to remember that we have more than 50 life-saving programs, as well as thousands of parents and children in our area, which urgently need financial support.

Your financial gifts are still crucial to helping more than 52,000 individuals and families in our community create their paths to a better tomorrow. With your continued support, we can impact our community in a lasting way.

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Our “Good Works” would not be possible without you!