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Supporter Spotlight Survey for Q2

In our Q1 issue of the GoodWorks newsletter, we kicked off our new Supporter Spotlight survey series in which we ask you to go to this blog to take a survey in order to tell us what you think and what makes your heart swell.

Going forward, we will recap the survey results and ask a new question. Here’s the Q2 installment:

This Quarter’s Survey

Question: What method do you most use in sharing the message of Heartland Family Service with family and friends?

Take the quick survey right now. Your input is so valuable to us!

Last Quarter’s Survey Results

Question: What most inspires you to support Heartland Family Service. Order the following 1-5.

Results: Percentage of respondents who rated each answer either 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. (Click on the image for a full view at the chart.)

Q1 Survey results


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