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Heartland Housing Sanctuary

Heartland Housing Sanctuary is a program of Heartland Family Service that provides services to survivors of human trafficking.

The program includes
Sanctuary House, a crisis stabilization shelter for up to 14 individuals or adults with children.
• Advocacy, a community-based service designed to assist survivors in any setting develop a new start in life.
• Housing, designed to assist survivors obtain and maintain a safe and healthy living environment, free from violence and exploitation.

The location of the program is confidential to protect the safety of both residents and employees. Crisis stabilization and case management services are key components of the program and are available every day to provide safety and support when it’s most needed.

Survivors can stay at the Sanctuary House shelter for up to 90 days. Advocacy and housing services are meant to be short term and are evaluated based on survivor need. All of Heartland Housing Sanctuary services are designed to empower survivors to recover from trauma and lead healthy, independent lives.

Eligibility: Referrals can be received from survivors, social service agencies, and law enforcement, with no state stipulation. Services are provided in Pottawattamie county in Iowa and Douglas and Sarpy counties in Nebraska.

Contact: 24-hour shelter lines: (402) 597-1009 | (402) 672-8608 |

Funding: The Heartland Housing Sanctuary services are funded in part by the Department of Justice Office of Victims of Crime, United Way Worldwide, and the Women’s Fund of Omaha.  Heartland Housing Sanctuary (Sanctuary) is funded in part (7.67%) by IA CVAD VOCA ($135,658)