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Adopt-a-Family 2017 – The Circle of Giving

Each year, people and businesses throughout our community give back to those most in need through Heartland Family Service’s Adopt-a-Family program. They have the option to sponsor as many families as they would like, as well as pick a family of a particular size. All gifts are dropped off at the HFS Central Office at the start of December, and sponsored families are able to pick them up a few days later.

This year, Heartland Family Service is pleased to announce that 470 people were served in our Adopt-a-Family program, which equates to 125 families!

While dozens of sponsors made Christmas possible for these families, the generosity does not end there. HFS has noticed a “Circle of Giving” that makes our Adopt-a-Family event particularly special.

A sponsor had her grandchildren wrap gifts for the family they sponsored, and they told her by doing so, they learned how much they could truly give to others.

The Jones family* brought a van with them to collect their gifts and met another family who had no transportation to take their presents with them. They selflessly offered to drive that family home so they would not have to worry about finding a way back.

“Basically the van is all we have,” said the Jones’. “We are happy to use it to help someone else.”

The grandmother of another family was in tears as she was leaving because she was so touched by everyone’s kindness and generosity.

“I am so thankful,” she said. “I can’t remember the last time I opened a present at Christmas.”

The Williams family*, who has 10 children, said they felt truly blessed to be given so much this year.

“We pray we won’t always need help,” the husband said. “We talked to the kids, and told them not to be ashamed, but to be happy.”

HFS Community Engagement Coordinator Melinda Eames, who was one of the organizers of this year’s Adopt-a-Family, said, “It is remarkable to see the compassion, level of giving, and generosity that our community selflessly gives to families throughout the metro area each year.”

Heartland Family Service would like to thank all of the sponsors who helped fill their adopted families’ hearts with joy this year, as well as wish each family in our community a very, merry holiday season.

“For it is in giving that we receive.” – Saint Francis of Assisi

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