Family Flex Solutions

The Heartland Family Service Family Flex Solutions program provides short-term case coordination and access to a flexible funding source for families, that can be used to meet needs related to housing, employment, transportation, or childcare. The program provides temporary (one to six months) financial assistance and support services.

The Family Flex Solutions program provides support to families with children who are experiencing homelessness in order to quickly resolve barriers to getting and keeping housing. The program is targeted primarily toward families experiencing first-time homelessness and/or those who have ongoing income challenges. This program uses a strengths-based and person-driven approach to identify solutions to maintain housing stability.

Eligibility: Must be a family with children, who is literally homeless (living in a shelter or on the streets), and live in Douglas or Sarpy counties in Nebraska, or Pottawattamie County in Iowa. Families also must have low barriers to housing stability, including first-time homelessness in the past three years and have sustainable income or a stable employment history.