OnTrack of the Heartland

The Heartland Family Service OnTrack of the Heartland program is an innovative team approach to providing recovery-oriented counseling and treatment for teens and young adults ages 14-35 who have recently begun to experience psychosis.

Some of the signs that you or your loved one may be experiencing psychosis include:
  •  A change in behavior, such as isolation, irritability, and/or loss of interest in activities
  •  Disorganized thinking
  •  Feeling unusually afraid or suspicious (paranoia)
  •  Hearing things that other people don’t hear (auditory hallucinations)
  •  Seeing things that other people don’t see (visual hallucinations)

Philosophy of Care
At OnTrack of the Heartland, we believe that these experiences are treatable. With the right help at the right time, individuals can continue their journey through life, enjoying relationships and meaningful school and work experiences.

The OnTrack of the Heartland team tailors treatment plans to meet the needs
of each individual. The individual collaborates with the team to select the
best mix of services and supports, such as:
  •  Assistance and support in employment and/or education goals
  •  Care coordination
  •  Education and support for families
  •  Individual therapy
  •  Medication management using shared decision making

Eligibility: The OnTrack of the Heartland program is available to residents of Cass, Dodge, Douglas, Sarpy, and Washington counties in Nebraska. Request a referral from your mental health provider.

Funding: This program is a partnership with Community Alliance and funded in whole, or in part, by federal, state, and/or county funds from Region 6 Behavioral Healthcare.