Getting your child ready for school can be an emotional experience, and beginning kindergarten is a huge transition for you and your child. 

In order to prepare, consider taking a few of these steps.

  1. Familiarize your child with their new school. If possible, take them on a tour of the building or walk around the grounds. This way, your child will feel less uncertain or afraid on their first day.
  2. Begin integrating their school sleep schedule early. The more time your child has to get used to waking up for school, the easier the transition will be.
  3. Practice basic math or reading exercises before school begins.
  4. Make sure YOU are familiar with your child’s school, what forms are required for kindergarten, what their teachers’ names are, etc.
  5. Relax! This is a big step for you and your child but try to enjoy it! Your child is beginning their academic career. Do what you can to be a support system but allow room for their own personal growth.

The Heartland Family Service Ready in 5 Program helps refugee parents prepare their children for kindergarten in the United States schooling system. Heartland Family Service Assistant Vice President Nicky Clark says, “Ready in 5 prepares both the children, by teaching them the needed academic and social skills, and the parents, by role modeling how to be their children’s first teachers.  This is hugely important as this may not happen in many refugee families before children start kindergarten, as it does in many other households.”

Ready in 5 helps refugee children understand what is necessary to prepare for kindergarten and it helps them start their education on a similar level with their classmates.

To learn more about Ready in 5, call us at (402) 552-7400, or email